The Magic of Sterling Dietz


I just got home from driving 15 hours each way from Lynden, Washington to Monterey, California.  We left Wednesday night to attend the 75th annual convention of the Pacific Coast association of Magicians.

Group Photo

 We arrived Thursday at 1:00 pm in Monterey, at the Portola Hotel.  The gathering of magicians is always great, but I had the oppChris Randallortunity to compete against 6 other magicians in the PCAM Pro Challenge.   

The competition opened with Will Chandler from the Bay Area who competed with a rat pack style routine of magic in a very classy presentation.  The next competitor was Chris Randall from Las Vegas. He performed a card and Billiard ball manipulation act along with a ring routine that incorporates a very smooth ring steal.  Chris and I, over the last year have become great friends.  Before we left to come home, he presented me with a very special and expensive prop that he had had made for his billiard ball act.  The note that was attached to the wonderful gift said, “You deserve this”.  I was honored by his graciousness and generosity.



Chin Chin
The third competitor was a Bay Area magician, named Chin Chin.  He has been San Francisco Magician of the Year 3 years running.  His fiery red spiked hair and equally bright multi colored doves creates a very techno and edgy routine.  Chin Chin has worked hard, Me with Poiand I am happy for his success

 I performed in the fourth position with my “Simply Sterling” routine, opening with the Hawaiian Poi.  I have made some nice modifications to the act which I am very happy with. The Host, MC, and two time World Champion of Magic, Shawn Farquhar, introduced me as the youngest ever invited to compete in the Pro Challenge. 


 The fifth competitor waTrevor Watters and Lorenas Ferrell Dillon from Los Angeles who did a very clean card and ball manipulation act. 

 The final competitors for the show were Trevor Watters and Lorena from British Columbia.  Their upbeat presentation of the illusion “Mismade” had the audience in stitches.  They are wonderful magicians, and I really enjoy their routines and choreography. 

After the six of us performed, the show provided an intermission where the audience, made up of magicians and area residents, voted to determine the winners.  This is called “People’s Choice”. 

Shawn was later heard to comment that this year’s competition was one of the strongest from top to bottom in his 25 years of involvement.  If you know Shawn Farquhar, then you know that Shawn is one of the most talented magicians out there.  He has booked talent all across Canada and the U.S.  All of us competitors took his comments with a lot of pride. Shawn Farquhar

The second half of the show, Shawn performed his new piece of magic that he is taking to compete at the Combined IBM/SAM Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.  (More about that later).  The audience was introduced to his World Famous “Shape of my Heart” card routine.  It is simply one of those beautiful moments in magic that all of us work hard to attain. 

The ballots were tallied.  The difference between first place and third place was a mere 20 votes. 

In 3rd place, and the Bronze medal, from British Columbia with 126 votes - Trevor Watters and Lorena. 

In 2nd place and the Silver medal from Lynden Washington with 137 votes – Sterling Dietz.  

In 1st place and winning the Gold medal from San Francisco with 145 votes – Chin Chin. 

What a great show we gave the community of Monterey and fellow magicians from the PCAM Convention. Next years 2009 convention will be on a cruise ship sailing from Vancouver to Los Angeles. Me

I also want to add that my good friend and mentor in magic, Mr. John Walton took first place in the general competition in close-up magic. 

We drove home Sunday night and arrived just in time Monday afternoon to meet my Mom and Jessica with all the props and gear to perform for 200 plus kids in Burlington, Washington. 

 I had three additional shows this week as I prepare for Louisville, Kentucky and the Combined IBM/SAM Convention.  This will be the biggest test and competition in magic.  Several thousand magicians from all around the world will descend on Louisville for 7 days of magic lectures, vendors, shows and competition.  I will compete in the International Stage Competition along with forty two other magicians who the judges prescreened and invited after viewing the audition DVD’s.  Again, I will be the youngest competitor in the competition matched against a virtual list of FISM Winners and Champions from their respective countries.  If I was to base my chances in the competition just against their bios I might as well just go to watch.  It is in these times I remember the Faith of David  Goliath or the heart of the great racehorse, Sea biscuit, or maybe the little engine that could, “I think I can, I think I can”.  I have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  Oh, is this ever going to be fun! 

To be able to compete against Shawn Farquhar, Tony Chapek, Danny Allen, Danny Sousa, Timo Marc, and others is a real honor.

Stay tuned, Louisville is just around the corner!