The Magic of Sterling Dietz

August, 2009  NEWSLETTER

Hello Family and Friends,

This is your captain speaking. That’s right, I was put in charge of this months newsletter. While putting this together, I have realized this looks more like a blog than a newsletter. So, I guess I could be turning the Enterprise into the Titanic… but here goes!


This month of August has been a great month for travels, practices, and of course performances.


My recent trip to Beijing, China is a memory I will retain for the rest of my life. I was able to experience a totally different culture and observe different styles of magic from all around the world. I had the opportunity to tour much of Beijing including the Summer Palace, Forbidden City, and the Great Wall.


At the convention I met many new friends, many of them being from the Nordic countries that I went on the tours with. Being curly haired, I stuck out more than I thought I was going to. On the Chinese subway and in the stores, people were feeling my hair.


The competition was amazing. There were over 100 acts and I had the privilege of seeing most all of them. I’m so proud of my friend Shawn Farquhar from Vancouver, Canada. He won the Grand Prix for close up magic as well as the World Championship Title in Cards. “Shape of My Heart” is still one of my favorite magic acts to watch.


Overall it was a trip that gave me a lot of experience as well as inspiration to keep pursuing my passion and create new magic routines. There is so much that happened in those nine days, expect a full Beijing play-by-play in the next week.


Since graduating from High School, I have been able to spend more time at the studio working on my illusions. I can already see the differences and improvements because of my new rehearsal schedule. Practicing four to five hours on material and then handling the web and graphic design aspects have kept me incredibly productive. Much of the time has been spent updating and refining my illusion “Remembrance,” practicing dance, and working on a new close up act.

Some of the highlight performances this month were two great shows out at British Petroleum and also a show in Whidbey Island for the Island County Fair. We also performed at the Youth Leadership Forum, a show we look forward to every year. This week has been devoted to preparing for the upcoming full theatre performance on August 29th. We have been busy passing out fliers, selling tickets, and especially in my case, writing this newsletter!

Last week was the Northwest Washington Fair, which is one event that has facilitated in putting Lynden, WA on the map. Six days of fair activities including rides, exhibits, food, and of course entertainment. A lot of people asked why I wasn’t performing at the fair this year, and the truth is we just wanted to enjoy it this time around. Don’t get me wrong; performing at a huge local fair where I know the entire audience is a blast, but after performing at the Fair the last two years I didn’t want to wear out my fans in Lynden.

I enjoyed just going this year relaxing and eating cotton candy with the rest of the fairgoers. Next year will be the Fair’s 100th birthday, so I am looking forward to being part of that celebration.


Well here comes some news. There have been some rumors going around that I may be… disappearing from Washington State, (pardon the pun). I wish I could tell you all exactly what that means, but the details have not been finalized, so I will have to wait to give you more information as everything falls into place.  I can say, that the show on August 29th could possibly be the last public show I do in Washington for a while.

Here’s the information on the show:

Lincoln Theatre Saturday August 29th.
2pm Matinee and a 7pm Evening performance.
Reserved seating, tickets $20/$15/$10
Tickets available online by clicking
You may also call the Lincoln Box Office: 360-336-8955


Just recently I met a new friend in La Conner named Alex Kramer, he writes for the La Conner weekly news and typed up a review of my show for them to publish. He is an extremely talented writer, and I will post a link where you can read the article.


For the article click here:


Thanks for reading, my name is Sterling, and I’m a magician.